Solituons for hotels

Menuello is a perfect solutions for all hotels. We offer a simple and modern system. Find out how you can improve your sales and attract more customers by using Menuello!

Create a happy atmosphere in your hotel!

Eliminate communication problems in your hotel by using a digital menu. Customers will no longer have to call and order food in the old-fashioned way. By letting customers take time to check out the menu, as well as placing orders by themselves – you can boost customer satisfaction. In the long run, the demand for service employees will decrease and you can save money on hiring staff.

Impress your visitors

Place the QR code where your guests can see it once you’ve printed it. We can help you to find the best solution, since there are so many options. Promote your menu by placing the QR code on the restaurants table, in the hotel, on the key cards, at the reception, on your marketing materials, and anywhere else where your guests will be able to see it.

Do you need to change your menu? No problem!

Menuello provides the dynamic QR code, so no matter how frequently you need to update your menus, you can always use the same one. You’ll never have to print it again.

Instant changes and full control over your menu

You can change and control your menu at any time by using Menuello. With a single click, you can update your menu, add or remove products, as well as create stop-list to hide any items, if you, for example, run out of a product. You can also create time-limits and make it easy for customer to see what items are available at the moment.

Are you still doubting?