Solutions for Cafe & Restaurants

Menuello is a perfect solutions for any kind of cafes and restaurants. We offer a simple and modern system. Find out how you can improve your sales and attract more customers by using Menuello!

Be trendy – start using a digital menu!

By creating a digital menu with Menuello you can show beautiful photos of your items and beverages, as well as detailed product descriptions in your menu. All items can be easily modified at any time and the changes will be shown immediately.

Instant changes and full control over your menu

You can change and control your menu at any time by using Menuello. With a single click, you can update your menu, add or remove products, as well as create stop-list to hide any items, if you, for example, run out of a product. You can also create time-limits and make it easy for customer to see what items are available at the moment.

Create a happy atmosphere in your cafe!

Eliminate communication problems in your café by using a digital menu. Customers will no longer have to wait for a waiter to check out your menu. By letting customers take time to check out the menu, as well as placing orders by themselves – you can boost customer satisfaction. In the long run, the demand for service employees will decrease and you can save money on hiring staff.

Offer suggestions and sell more

Create most popular item combinations. Make recommendations to your items, such as Draft Beer and Peanuts, and increase your revenue by this simple trick.

Track your success

By using Menuello you are getting access to your own admin-panel, where you can also find statistics. Here you can find information about number of orders for the past month, your daily turnover or average value of order.

Are you still doubting?